Chapter 57 He Siri Are we there yet?

Such a strange feeling to only go to the hospital on a quarterly basis for check and photopheresis only on a bi-monthly basis… It always is, for me, hard not to know more about how my health really is!

Now here we go… how my next phase will look like, duration, medication, treatment, constraints and benefits:

Today October 3rd 2017 is synonym of freedom and relief! The outcome was today what I was expecting since I started this treatment in January 2015, if you remember Chapter 36 Five years already…. photopheresis  was clearly an unknown and Chapter 37 New experience was explaining what it is all about!
The main side effect here is also that for almost 3 years I had to keep the same medics to enable results comparison! All making sense but now it means that in the coming 4 weeks I will reduce the amount of pills to be swallowed everyday! That includes corticoïdes and others I take to help against the side-effects!
This is the best news from a health perspective I ever received in the last 3-4 years! Let’s keep it up and make this sustainable!

Some other great news, my diabetes is under control and so is my cholesterol!

Nevertheless while waiting for my next blood test and visit to my hematologist I had the opportunity to do some fancy things like:

Indeed really busy still and had to create some rules around my own communication channels so that it becomes more readable and easier to find what we want in all the content I share or create: All about communication channels

On the professional front, I am really pleased with the compromise NL/BE and how we manage it. I feared it would have been much more complicated but it works well because I have the luxury to be well supported both in office and at home… That also allows me to even better benefit from my Work-Life balance. I feel really lucky to keep doing a job I love in a great environment full of opportunities and support to grow and this is not a commercial.

Of course I can’t close this quarterly update without a heads-up about my Rotary Club Esneux-Aywaille as we indeed had great moments, getting our new Inbounds to the club from USA, Canada and Columbia… and also getting acquainted to our future Outbounds… great to be in a club where the Youth Exchange Programme is in the DNA…

you have already seen our trip in South of France to meet our contact club from Vaison La Romaine and we also had our BBQs in the summer… below some pics!

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