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I was in a the T-Systems Innovation Day in the Marriott in The Hague where we had a really informative day and I got asked to find a place to have dinner nearby with a couple of colleagues.

So I checked on TripAdvisor to find a nice opportunity and the Keraton Damai came second on the list the #1 was already well known: The Netherlands The Hague Pastanini

So the place is ranked 15th out of almost 1,400 and I must say that it is indeed worth it. The food variety is vast, the freshness and quality is there and the price was really reasonable…

I would recommend to go for one of the “rice tables”, you do get salad, sate, rice, yellow rice, noodles, beef, gambas, vegetables, etc… all together and it is really tasty and all can find happiness! We had a really great evening with a service I would qualify as appropriate and advice to the point.

Clearly an area of improvement would be the “look & feel” as it gives the feeling to be in someone’s dining room with space optimization, so you can hear your neighbor’s conversation and it is strange to get such quality food in a cafeteria-like environment.

To end on a positive note, one of my colleagues sitting with us, being really difficult on Indonesian food as her mother-in-law is Indonesian and good cook, confirmed the dishes are delicious and worth every penny!

Really go there if you wish high quality Indonesian…

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