Belgium Louveigné Le Banneway 2

Not my first time in the restaurant, it is really convenient as just a couple of kilometers away from home.
Food was ok, nothing to complain about for a brasserie… when you come for a 4-6 party.

On the other hand, quite disappointing from a service perspective… obviously they start having the same issues than their predecessors i.e. long waiting time and not enough professionals to run the service.

The pros were great and you could feel the difference but you could easily spot the students or newbies and they were struggling as the place was almost full…

It is definitely if you come for a private party of 20+… On paper the menu is nice and right quality vs. price ratio but  fairly disappointing as the starters were not warm enough, the desserts clearly below standards, the fish not cooked enough and parma ham-melon deserves attention!

All in all, better go for a family meal than organizing a full privatized meeting even if the meeting is nice but from a noise perspective awful as soon as you each 10 people is that room planned to get 30!

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