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My wife and I made the decision to spend New Year in Bilbao and Nerua became a must as soon as I realised it existed. As you could read in Spain Bilbao Gran Hotel Domine we made the call to indulge ourselves for a few days…

There is no better place to enjoy the local gastronomy than taking it from the high side. I highly recommend to use the 3 available places in the kitchen so that you can enjoy the specific atmosphere of a working brigade…

Look at the pictures… I would even fly back to the place:

Clearly they deserve their Michelin star and we had a great time… The service was impeccable, the food exquisite and at a reasonable price.

I need to also mention that you may have to be ready for surprises… we had a couple 🙂 so read the menu first and come open minded, you won’t be disappointed!

As you can realise I highly recommend the place…

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