Belgium Embourg Robertissimo

Here we go, high time revisiting the place here, this restaurant is still a fine and enjoyable table where to get nice Italian food

we made that choice for a pre-lock down dinner with friends and we were pleased to see how respectful of the sanitary protocols they were and same for the other customers.

So yes the room is cosy and the displays a bit of relaxation… we enjoyed the evening a lot there and same for the quality of the dishes… we went through the list and went for diversity from pasta to foie gras and same for dulce, great re-experience.

Looks great doesn’t it? I can confirm that eating these was a delight and on top of ingredients’ obvious quality the service was efficient and effective with a smile and some humour.

3 courses dinner with drinks, 80 euros/p and a nice environment and cool atmosphere in these difficult times, we’ll miss them and all the others during the new lockdown 😔.

So as soon as you are around Liège and you look for a decent Italian restaurant… you now know one!

Last time we visited this restaurant was in 2014 and we were highly disappointed…

Good friends invited us to join them for a family dinner and we accepted as they told us it is now under new management. Indeed there is a huge difference and the improvement is visible in the room but not only! The menu itself moved from a low level pizzeria to a semi-gastronomic one and the result in the plates is also visible!


You can see here above the different dishes we enjoyed and the drinks as well! The service was flawless and the experience was definitely at the same level than Belgium Embourg Bonheur Simple but for Italian cuisine. It is really worth going and enjoy the menus…

The food is fresh and the different options are assuring you will find what you wish and optimise the opportunity of enjoying your time there.

I have really little to say in terms of constructive comments except that i think they could “sacrifice” a few tables for increasing the space per customer but it is really to say something as i can’t compare them to their neighbour Belgium Embourg La villa des Béguards that is a 1 star Michelin restaurant but this is also another price range.

Bottom line, fine evening, great experience and I will, for sure, go back!

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