The Netherlands The Hague Bøg

A colleague of mine recommended me to try the place… I must admit I was intrigued as I only went in Nordic restaurants in Denmark and wanted to check this one out!

I went there with a couple of friends and my wife and we spent a really nice evening, the company was good and the food surprised us (read the menu) and in the right sense. The dishes are showing creativity both on the plates and taste.


I hope that these pictures are increasing your appetite as it is really worth it. The freshness and refinement in composing the dishes are clearly a plus to enjoy the experience!

I need to also highlight the flawless service including their accommodation to my specific diet which subsequently drove a menu change and this had been successful as well! I was also pleasantly surprised to hear them speak french and explaining the different dishes in french as well… This was another layer of surprise 🙂

If in the Hague and looking for something special, GO THERE!

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