France Châlons en Champagne Hotel d’Angleterre

Here you go we went back for our yearly trip in Champagne and no exception… still a nice hotel with a great restaurant… there is no hesitation, it deserves its Michelin star.

Hope you enjoyed the little video that shows the quality of the meal but also a great service… I truly recommend to spend the night in the hotel and enjoy wine and/or Champagne to accompany the different courses.

The price remains reasonable for the combination and gives a good experience so there is no doubt it is a great opportunity if you are in the area!

We knew they changed ownership and lost their Michelin star but we thought it would be a good idea to be back there and indeed check whether the Hotel d’Angleterre was still worth the detour for the quality of the rooms of course but mainly the Restaurant Jérôme FECK

So we used to go to Jacky Michel where service was high standard and helpful… Food quality meeting all you may expect, the cooking original without being eccentric and the champagne that matched the meals was great too!
Of course it is not free but you definitely get value for money and you feel great after the experience.
I recommended the place and will go back there for sure!

The new team and management did a great job getting the one star within a year and I must admit I have been positively amazed by not only the quality of the food but the creativity and the modern spin brought to the new dishes.

Quickly about the hotel, Châlons is not really an exciting city but this hotel I’d almost qualify it as a gem in the region! You would not expect such a high standard service and quality room there!
We were really delighted to land there with our friends and all services were high quality. Breakfast was fantastic and fresh and choice of salty and sweet items with eggs, etc… All great and really enjoyed the experience.

I can only recommend to go for both!!!

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