Germany Berlin Hilton Berlin and its surroundings

There is only one Hilton in Berlin but what a nice one! Of course I am a Diamond customer and got a room with a view but what a view and really nice room actually!
There is an Executive Lounge with a really free buffet dinner, not just a snack, and nice choice of food in bar space as well…
On purpose I skipped the room service but I recommend the pasta all’ arrabiatta with prawns. I did not mention the breakfast buffets both in Executive lounge and the usual one but both really great and nothing missing there! At last, the wagyu beef wurst with fries is just a must!
The service is impeccable and people helpful and smiling, not always the case but here really nothing to complain about… I highly recommend the place that by the way hosts a local Rotary Club!

The hotel is also ideally located and allows you to visit a lot of landmarks in the city and all walking distance! You can see here under most of them and sure you do not need an extensive legend to explain the pictures!

That was my first time in Berlin but I would not be surprised to get back there with my wife as it is definitely worth sharing!

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