Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 2 Ueno

After such a great first day, my guide confirmed that Ueno park is a must do. Indeed I always wanted to do such a visit… nice park, a temple… what you see in movies!

So all good in Ueno but what they did not mention is that it was around 38 degrees and no available shadow! That means we spent a couple of hours frying under the heavy sun but it gave us the opportunity to visit old temples and find shelter in the opera house to get some airco before moving to the museum.

And now the Tokyo National Museum… which was a WOW moment for us… really beautiful pieces to be viewed there both Honkan Japanese art and The Horyuji Treasures gallery!

You can now see part of these treasures… we highly recommend as the set-up is great, many places where you can sit and relax to enjoy art!.

This was maybe a tiring day, 9km under the sun but rewarding when you think of what we saw/learned!

What will day #3 have for us?

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