Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 13 Hiroshima & Miyajima

Gee, that one was a killer! Isabelle got me the toughest day of the whole trip here and we both, at one time, had to give up as it was too hot, too long and going too high! I won’t forget Miyajima island for sure! To go there, taxi, train, boat and solid legs! Do not forget sunscreen and a hat!

We started with a solid breakfast with a view then

Let’s travel:

On the other hand, no doubt it is more than worth the effort, have a quick look…:

Then, while quite exhausted already, we stopped in Hiroshima to show respect and pray for all the victims of this disaster that changed the course of history and so forever…

After such a great and full day of more than 11km walk and 25 floors climbing… we looked like:


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