Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 14 Himeji

So you realised that we walked a lot and climbed a lot to visit temples and shrines since we arrived around 9+km/day and +-10 floors/day and so Isabelle agreed to have a break about this. She planned the visit of the Himeji castle! Guess what… we did hit exactly that average :-).

We of course started with a quick travel to Himeji and wanted to quickly highlight the speed of trains in the station (beauty of having four tracks between two platforms… and we have seen much faster!

No doubt the castle is breathtaking and we had a blast visiting but it was really hot, we were struggling finding shadow here and climbing the stairs inside the castle itself was sporty!

Do not think we were done just with that one visit… of course we visited the gardens (500m down the road) and again… woaw, fantastic visit!

Obvious we loved the place and its beautiful castle and gardens… really living the dream!!!

Categories: Food&Fun

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