Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 15 Osaka walk

Highly likely this post will be one of the shortest as we basically visited two shopping malls Hep 5 where there was a special event about a manga… definitely crowded but the items available in the stores… we are definitely not the marketing targets… up to 25 years old I guess 🙂

and Namba parks… a more relevant and classical mall… but with a roof top camping and BBQ place

had a quick lunch in a Hawaiian place… definitely not worth a post!

both being recommended by the Conrad and indeed, worth visiting!

Oh yes… I forgot I moved also from Texans to Astros…

On our way back we took some opportunities to visit some stores on our way back and still we walked 9+KM that day :-). That was leading us to our last night in the Conrad and this one is definitely worth a post…

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