Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 18 Kyoto

Gee, incredible, here is already our 18th day dedicated to visiting this small part of Japan 🇯🇵… a full day enjoying Kyoto is a real privilege.

We started early, before breakfast to visit two temples and what a beautiful visit with really little crowd, we could benefit almost from a VIP visit.

As part of the second temple’s visit, as the monks were praying specifically for the Hiroshima’s disaster and I had the honor to be part of ten privileged people who could use the gong to celebrate!

After this very emotional 😭 moment, we went back for breakfast and spent the rest of the day visiting the Golden Pavilion and some other places before being back to the Ryokan for our special dinner you may have seen in a previous post.

Kyoto is definitely a must!!!

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