Japan 25th anniversary Day 19+ Kyoto and back home

So sad to already reach the end of our splendid trip in Japan 🇯🇵 and 19 days on site are for sure not enough to go deeper and wider.

We did want to go for. Top tea experience and let’s go to Ippodo where I could enjoy top quality tea including a superb Matcha!

It was a real heartbreaker to leave Kyoto to Narita airport. Looking back at it four days travel for nineteen days on site and what nineteen days!

Huge thanks 🙏 to my wife Isabelle for a tremendous job in organizing this with such a high knowledge that it was flawless…

This one was a blast as the Hilton Narita is a real Back to the Future as we felt like jumping back in the eighties 🙄😍.

The rest was really eventless till back home 🏡

Thanks to all for having read this ❤️👍✅🙏🇯🇵

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