Belgium Soheit-Tinlot Le Coq au Champs

To be straight, great surprise and enjoyed the experience… We did not know where to go with a couple of friends and wanted to try something new!

Another friend talked to me about the Coq au Champs which is 30 km away from my house in Belgium and has one Michelin star meaning to me quality is around the corner!



We went for the season menu with the Blue Lobster from North sea on top ;-)… definitely no regret! We loved every single bite of it BUT beware of the middle dessert… I keep my mouth shut and let you experience it 🙂

The service was truly impeccable, the pairing wines where just what was needed and having a table literally in the kitchen made us have a really lovely night and made us enjoy the fellowship even more!

Also a quick word on the atmosphere and the decoration, it is just simply classy with good taste and I was a bit frustrated to come in the winter while they have a looking good garden and terrace I am sure is open in the summer. I guess you know where i am now going… you may expect an update later in the year 🙂

That one is worth doing a detour… ooops by the way you need a detour to find it 🙂

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