Belgium Fraiture Au Canard Gourmand

Here we go a bit of (well deserved) promotion for a great place in my local community… This little place is multi-disciplinary in the sense that they grow ducks, and produce, sell:

  • Foie gras (raw, terrine)
  • Blocks away
  • Rillettes
  • Candied and fresh thighs
  • Fresh and dried magrets
  • Fritons
  • Candied gizzards
  • Duck fat
  • Candied lentil needles

But this is not all… if you ask nicely they can also organize a dinner for 8-10 people and not only you will have the opportunity eat all the items listed here above but they also sit with you to explain their local craft business as no industrial process here!

So as we are currently working on putting together a local charity event for kids in trouble, we agreed to meet there and we arrived at 8PM and left at almost 1AM… so fellowship ticked, organization details ticked, top quality food ticked and atmosphere ticked as well!

We had a wonderful evening/night and this place with great hosts and local high quality food made it all happen! All I can do here is really to recommend and it definitely is worth a detour when in the province or going through it…

If you can’t book a table, anyway, go and visit as the meat they sell is amazing and produced with quality and respect… far away from industrial processed food!


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