Spain Girona El Celler de Can Roca

YES YES YES one year ago we got the booking done… yes you hear me, we had to book twelve months in advance to get a table for four and it was not our first attempt to get a seat there… not sure I need to explain the restaurant as most foodies know about the place… meaning they also know it is really difficult to get a booking there.

A necessary highlight is to mention that in The best 50 restaurants it is still number 2 knowing it has been number one before… nothing in our experience there will make that needle move.

Let’s start with a few pictures giving the atmosphere of the place when you arrive and so before enjoying the fantastic service in French if you please and with accuracy, class and discretion but also with some sense of humour I.e. a perfect mix!

Now that we feel at home in our cocoon, let’s choose between the classic or the festive menu:

Guess what, we went for the festive one I.e. 16 courses and matching wines… so be ready for a festival of pictures… you may want to translate the menus so that it gives you a much better idea of both journeys… enjoy the pictures and hope you will try to get a table as well…

Yes you are right, it was a fantastic experience as the quantity was simply perfect and the pairing wines were just simply spot on! Not one single course to rate below the others. I would compare this dinner to a journey and all you have to do is let yourself being guided by the chefs and the wine waiter.

I am really thankful to my friends who did get the booking done and helped us achieving our twelve Michelin stars in 2019 and these three stars were simply to never forget.

I truly hope you will have the opportunity to visit this place as believe me it is worth the five days spent in Catalonia and all around that one evening!

And the icing on the cake, yes J. Roca…

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