France Menton Mirazur

Here you go, we made it! So glad I could get a table for 2 in this dream place! I was so looking forward to being there that we did drive 2,300 km in one weekend to make this happen and you will see that it made us stop in other nice places to reach this three Michelin stars restaurant that was also classified as the best restaurant in the world in 2019!

You may remember we did a similar experience in Spain at El Celler de Can Roca where we also really enjoyed a great weekend including a top highlight!

This time a smaller team 😉 indeed just Isabelle and I for a dream weekend in south of France and this is the first post of a few specific to this moment.

A gorgeous environment where you every little detail is a step to excellence. The atmosphere, the view, the kitchen, the dining room, everything is there to make you feel good.
Also, look at the view you have from your chair including a great sunset, hope you liked the pics…

The chef’s impact on the end-to-end value chain is present and includes also the supply chain to end up with a festival of flavours in your plate and a unforgettable experience.

The amuses
The bread
Turnip and lobster
Beet and caviar
Wild garlic and potato
Squid and celery from Bordighera
Onions from the Cévennes and tamarind
The cheese
Licorice Dandelion root

You read well… all about roots but unbelievable to see how they could magnify these simple ingredients and bring them to such a level that makes us travel through this journey of excellence and what a trip it was.

I need to highlight the service, top quality, diverse origins, great explanation about each dish and obvious adherence to the chef’s universe.

No doubt some of you will talk about the price tag but visit their website to check and get into the story.

The whole weekend was about this experience going crescendo as you will see what we did the day before 😉 and this is the first time I drive 2,300 km for a meal but what a meal!!!

Do not hesitate, it is worth a long detour to go there and keep in mind that you need to book months in advance to have such an evening…

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