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We wanted to go for a nice restaurant as our young one passed his exams in June and deserved such a treat. When Isabelle and I were having one of our days out, we saw this place we heard about before and realised it is a Michelin star restaurant and only 40 minutes away from home.

This did lead us to indeed come back then to hopefully enjoy a great family lunch.

As they mentioned on their website:


The 19th-century coaching inn…

A restaurant with stables in the outbuildings existed at the postal hotel of St. Vith back in the mid 19th century. The hotel was destroyed in 1944 but was reconstructed after the war, reopening in 1950.

… becomes a gourmet restaurant

It is where Arno and Ingrid Pankert established their gourmet restaurant in the 1970s and gained an international reputation.

Today, the hotel has been completely refurbished and is now managed by the third generation, Carina and Eric Pankert.

What is clear is that you won’t be disappointed! Look at the gallery below and this will give you a good idea of what a nice lunch means for them…

We also had the opportunity to get the chef himself to pour the sauce on the lamb:

You may also check some other pictures to give you an idea of the atmosphere that was really relax while respecting social distancing.

I really recommend to get there… for us next time will be for a dinner…
FYI all you see there was reasonable for a starred restaurant… money well spent if you ask me!

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  1. Looks delicious and amazing to see the heritage passed from one generation to other.
    Adaptability. Kudos !
    Stay safe and stay blessed during these times.

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