The Netherlands Delft Restaurant Kruydt

This was one of these strange evenings where you are saying good bye to someone you closely worked with and you said something like, pick a place (I never visited before, if possible) and we’ll enjoy an evening.

My colleague picked this restaurant near her place based on good feedback she read and heard.
I must admit that when we arrived, we have been stunned by the environment… have a quick look:

As you can see it is an invitation to spend a nice sunny meal outside and we were all prepped for this … but I would not be complete if I am not sharing a couple of pics of the inside of the restaurant:

This tells me only one thing… even if the weather is not ok, the atmosphere and the comfort will!

We have been welcomed by nice, professional and skilled staff who even spent time explaining us the building’s history over the centuries and also our menu (we opted for a 4 courses menu even if I went for a 5th as the cheese looked really appealing.
So yes a flawless service and as you know the service can be a make or break in terms of evening success.

Let’s have a look at the food itself as it was visually great but tasting was even better… I would easily rate it at same level of The Netherlands The Hague Oogst which was also great and offering a set-up like what we got in The Netherlands The Hague Cotton Tree City with outdoor facilities.

So as you can see it was a good experience… I recommend that place if you are around and well deserved 13.5 with Gault & Millau and may not be that far from a first Michelin star (my own view).
A great evening in nice company in such a place is what we should all look for!

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