#M4C challenge Day 1

What a day it was! Indeed we started with a pep talk from our sponsor #tfscro which was done in the #aec house.

That also gave me the opportunity to virtually take our sponsor in both apartments so that they could look at where their support will help #aec in their day-to-day life. It was a privileged moment for #m4c, #tfscro and #aec before starting.

Here you go, time to move on and hit the road for our 4 days trip!

Great moment was our lunch in Marloie where we also planned a TEAMS meeting with #tfscro employees who are helping us raising funds for #aec. It was a great opportunity for us to meet the people running, riding, skiing, kayaking, … for #tfscro 25th anniversary and for me to share with them what is #m4c.

The team had a peaceful sporty afternoon helping them to beat the plan , you can find the relive here. I met them back for dinner in Rance.

It was a fantastic relaxing moment and nice fellowship. Nevertheless we still have 3 days to go and a challenge to achieve.

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