#M4C Challenge day 2

You have read in my previous blog post the #m4c team is fully motivated and delivered a great 1st stage i.e. Boncelles-Rance.
After a great nice sleep, the team was ready for a new challenge…

We planned to meet with our #tfscro friends during our lunch time… it was great to see us all arriving at the same time in Bon-Secours on the France-Belgium border.

We took the opportunity to go for a quick and well deserved relaxing lunch a bit further from the basilica so we could find a really nice quiet place

Also take the opportunity to call back home

Stretch a bit

But also took the opportunity to thank our local sponsors as well

As you can see the lunch break was in a nice green place

But this had a down side… we were in a place with no possibility to get a TEAMS meeting as on the border the data network was not strong enough hence I had to drive away to explain the #AEC project to our #tfscro sponsors/supporters… for us it is great to feel supported and followed and demonstrating that our project is pragmatic and fit for purpose makes it also extremely relevant for the day-to-day life of families… I would say a perfect match in terms of values sharing.

Let’s also share some pics of the challenge…

From Bon-Secours to Lo-Reninge, while I was looking for our dinner, they did beat the plan (again) and reached our meeting place at 17:30 which allowed them to get in the hands of Pierre our physiotherapist and eat at a decent time

But the back of the place is cool too…

The gods of the weather are still with us as for the first 2 days it has been really minimal rain.
But it is now time to eat and go to bed till day 3 arrives… let’s first go to the beach!

Looking forward to seeing you reading our day 3 summary! The Relive of Day 2 is available here.

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