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Yes I know you see continuity with my previous post and that makes sense as it was on the same day also with colleagues.
Ruud told me that we would go to a special place and he was indeed right!

We arrived totally soaked from Conti to Dekxels and moved to the garden to enjoy an early dinner.

The team

Definitely a good opportunity to say good bye to colleagues in a lovely place.

Now, here comes the food… special, unexpected, fusion, catching you off-guard but tasty and positively surprising.

Some crackers…
BBQ Beef Taco’s
Beef tataki
Tuna tartare
Bal Buns

Yes Japanese fries have a life on their own!


I could not resist to cheese and dessert!

Korean Porkbelly
Spicy sticky rice mango
Pécan pie?

And some special drinks

So yes, food was good, place was great and nice company, what else would you want?

I really appreciated the place and feel like I missed that experience in the previous years, thanks Ruud!

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