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As you can remember I have always been fan of Tanta Roba that I assessed multiple times here and it disappointed me to get an email telling me they were closed.

The weather was nice and planned a light lunch with a Rotarian friend and colleague before leaving The Hague. We thought it could be a great idea to test this option and check!

The team for lunch

What a surprise to see that the chef from Tanta Roba was there and the waitress as well. We immediately felt back home, we got indeed well welcomed!

The chef

Clearly the terrace is small but nicely set-up, the good surprise comes from a spacious and well de orated room.

Pizza 4 formaggi
Pizza Calzone Italiano
Tiramisu’ alle fragole
Panna Cotta

As you can see we really went light but it was to the point and we spent a delicious moment eating good, fresh and tasty food. Definitely nothing to complain about and we all enjoyed our time there!

really great that the Tanta Roba values are still around and am looking forward to going back there.

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