Belgium Eghezée L’Air du Temps

I recently had the pleasure of dining at L’Air du Temps and I have to say, it was an unforgettable experience. The restaurant itself is charming and cozy, with a warm ambiance and impeccable service.

Now, let’s talk about the menu. Each dish was a work of art, both visually stunning and delicious. We started with the Winter Leaves, a refreshing and light salad of leeks, anchovies, and elderberries. The Monochrome Orange, a delightful dish featuring pumpkin, Ondenval trout, and sudachi, was another standout.

The Tartlet, a sweet and tangy dessert made with mandarin and fish eggs, was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. It was the perfect way to cap off a fantastic meal.

a cool surprise when we could taste a delight of their garden, Winter Radish, Liernu iardins, lacto juice and green pepper oil, Millefeuille of radish, praline of dried fruits and Radish pancakes, cinnamon.

Other memorable dishes included the Marinated Scallops warm smoked, the Coral Cream Turnip Lacto Wrap, lacto pectin, coriander and spices, Smoked eel and lacto peppers.

And the Squab from Jérôme Demeyer with cabbage and truffle. Seared paw, black garlic, truffle, anchovies, Brussels sprouts and truffle salad

Each dish was bursting with flavor and expertly prepared.

I also appreciated the thoughtful wine pairing recommendations from the sommelier, which perfectly complemented each course.

before going to the paramount of the meal, we also enjoyed Cheese for itself and the same cheese in valued preparation.

One of the highlights of the meal was the birthday dessert for my wife Isabelle. To finish off the meal, we were treated to two amazing desserts: the Jerusalem Artichoke Mousse, a sweet and creamy dessert with a subtle nutty flavor, and the Black Pear, a heavenly dessert with salted butter caramel and grilled rice ice cream.

Overall, I highly recommend L’Air du Temps to anyone looking for an unforgettable dining experience. From the impeccable service to the stunning menu, everything about this restaurant is top-notch.

This time was a bit different as we made the call to go with friends and also enjoy the couple of suites and the breakfast on site…

I also wanted to be a bit more thorough than the first time as we also took the wine selection and used more services.

As usual now, let’s start with the team:

Great to stay on site and really enjoy the suites as you can see below, spacious, classy and looking great… we really could enjoy a quick nap and a great night sleep. Just have a look at the environment and also the lobby where we could try a great home-made Gin that we also bought ;-):

Ok now let’s go to the meat i.e. the dinner itself which is a best of since 2005…

Celeriac bread, Osan

Dead leaf, humus, Allette, kojite eggplant, miso

Onion tart

Oyster, ponzu, fish roe

Petit-gris raviole with ssamjong

Vegetables of the moment, lacto juice and oil of the time

Fine carrot brunoise, waxed Ondenval trout, grain bread sheet, sansho broth

Scallops from Dieppe, grilled kale cabbage, green curry, gamtae paste, verjuice with maple syrup

Fillet of doe in cold meats, Royal Belgian Caviar Osietra, lacto

Hare saddle with elderberry, paws a la royale, smoked cabbage

Matured cheeses

Pumpkin, Muscovado tart, yuzu sorbet, shizo and orange

Endive, coffee, muscovado and orange

Parsley, banana, shizo, yaourt

Now you have seen what we experience including a fantastic service that can be considered top notch and flawless. In terms of food, even if there are ingredients you are not comfortable with, they will make it taste great for you and you won’t be disappointed… it was just like last time a great gastronomic experience that we won’t forget…

Let me also share with you all the different wines we had during the dinner as they were really adding value to the event.

Let’s now move to our breakfast that was also high quality in terms of food and freshness… here are some pics to substantiate my comments.

Do not hesitate to go there if you are around… traveling through Belgium is a good reason to book there, really worth a detour, no doubt!

Here we go our yearly Birthday/Valentine’s dinner… after:

we made the call to visit L’Air du Temps, this place deserves the 2 stars and provided a great service, fantastic food and impeccable atmosphere!

I am sure you enjoyed the artistic work delivered by the chef and the quality of the taste goes even way over the look!

There is not one single course not hitting the best mark, all was simply perfect, we had no comment whatsoever about the whole experience!

A quick word about the place itself, it is beautifully decorated, three main rooms and the building itself is gracious and outstanding.

Next time, no doubt, I will go for the water selection just to try it, we had a couple of spiced waters and woaw, discovery again, matching so well with the dishes…
they definitely have resources.
It is like their garden where they grow their own vegetables that you also can see in your plate…

One little thing though but I know they are working on it, not enough rooms available to sleep over… I booked the evening in October for mid-February and I had to go to a B&B nearby but as I had to drive, I only drank one glass of wine.

This allows me to highlight the quality of the B&B we used, La Chambre d’à Côté is a fantastic B&B managed by fantastic people who are personable and you definitely can spend a whole breakfast chatting with them.

The rooms are all suites with great bathroom, nice bedroom, the breakfast? Nothing is missing and sharing with our host was clearly the cherry on the cake… Do not miss the place if you are around, a real delight!

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