Belgium Comblain-La-Tour Sophie et Nicolas

For so many years I hear that I should go there, but as you know you always visit restaurants hundreds miles away first and this one is only 15 away from home.

This means, in my view, that it comes in direct competition from a style perspective with Un Max de Goût et Didier Galet. I mean local cuisine in a gastronomic way.

Do not expect here to find a ranking as all three are nice p[aces and deserve your visit to make your own decision.

Let’s start with the team… we were supposed to be six that evening but ended up with four. Guess what, I think you have seen that team before.

The Team

The environment is also a key part of this place. You will see that even if the place is small, it is well decorated and you feel really well having dinner there.

Now that we checked the Where and the Who let’s have a look at a nice menu…

  • MULE

Food and service were good, nothing to complain about, great professionals, attentive, smiling and spending the right amount of time with the customers.
My only comment on the food would be that for the lamb, you’d better like the “forgotten vegetables” (as I often say, there must be a reason if they were forgotten…) and mention how you would like the lamb to be cooked as they may not ask you.

My issues are small and not related to the eating experience but… it is difficult to get an easy parking spot to access the restaurant. There are roadworks around it and there is no dedicated parking identified.

My second area of improvement is about the furniture, you have to be 2m tall to be able to put your feet on the ground. This means that after a couple of hours old people like us start having their back hurting because they can’t properly rest their feet on the ground.

Having said that, you have to go and try it, it is worth driving a bit to taste quality food. I am sure you will like it as we did.

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