Spain Sevilla Sobretablas: An Average Culinary Adventure

Sobretablas, a restaurant located slightly off the beaten path in Sevilla, promises an opportunity to experience the city like a local. With its unique ambiance and promising menu, it appears to be an appealing choice for a gastronomic adventure.
However, based on recent experiences and observations, it seems that Sobretablas falls short of expectations when it comes to delivering standout culinary delights.
In this blog, we delve into our experience at Sobretablas and evaluate its average standards in various aspects, from the menu offerings to the overall dining experience.

Sobretablas‘ location away from the touristy streets allows diners to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of Sevilla’s local neighborhoods. The setting offers a refreshing escape from the typical tourist traps and adds charm to the overall experience. Once inside the restaurant, the ambiance is slightly different, but not in a disruptive manner. However, while the location and ambiance create a positive first impression, it is the culinary journey that ultimately determines a restaurant’s standing.

Upon reviewing the tasting menu, we were intrigued by the adventurous dishes such as carpaccio of deer and duck with foie. However, we opted for the a la carte menu, seeking a more personalized dining experience. Unfortunately, this decision did not lead to an exciting culinary adventure. The lack of standout dishes and exceptional flavors left us feeling underwhelmed.

In terms of culinary experience, the selection of appetizers and starters, including Samosa of spinach and chickpeas and Fried King prawns with pork rinds, did little to excite our taste buds. While they served their purpose in getting us ready for the main courses, they lacked the wow factor we anticipated. The Simmer cooked egg with fried vegetables and small prawns had potential, but the flavors were not strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

As main courses, Isabelle’s choice of Turbot with almonds “gazpachuelo” was unfortunately mediocre, with flavors that failed to stand out or leave a lasting impact. The Iberian suckling pig served with pear and crispy milk had the potential to be a standout dish, but it was let down by the excessive chewy fat mixed with the meat in the crust. This disappointment significantly impacted the overall enjoyment of the dish.

For desserts, at Sobretablas they did not provide the complexity of flavors one would expect from a restaurant aspiring for Michelin recognition. Both the Cinnamon milk ice-cream with caramel of éclair and Clementine flan with Rosemary whipped cream lacked the finesse and creativity needed to elevate them to a higher standard.

The service at Sobretablas was decent but lacked the enthusiasm one would hope for in a dining establishment. The minimal interactions and lack of genuine excitement from the staff diminished the overall dining experience.

While Sobretablas benefits from a good location and decent service, its culinary offerings fall short of creating a memorable dining experience. The dishes lacked the bold and incisive flavors one would expect from a restaurant aiming to achieve Michelin star status. Despite the potential shown in some of the menu items, the overall execution was disappointing. If you seek an exceptional culinary adventure in Sevilla, you may want to explore other options like Ena for great tapas, as Sobretablas may not live up to your expectations of a standout dining experience.

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