Spain Madrid: Hotel Montera Madrid, Curio Collection by Hilton: A New Player in the Heart of the City

The Hotel Montera Madrid, Curio Collection by Hilton, situated atop Gran Vía and positioned above a familiar golden arch, is a new addition to the hospitality scene in the vibrant Spanish capital. While the establishment offers the allure of a 5-star experience, there are a few aspects that prospective guests might want to consider before booking their stay.

One of the initial observations about the hotel is its novelty – it’s still finding its feet and, as some have noted, not fully operational. Issues such as non-functional main lifts upon arrival can lead to some initial frustration, leaving a less-than-desirable impression. The location, right above a McDonald’s on Gran Vía, might raise some eyebrows for those seeking a more upscale ambiance, but it certainly puts guests within the heart of the action. However, the absence of on-site parking facilities can be a real challenge, as navigating Madrid’s streets and hunting for the designated parking area can be time-consuming. Some guests even found themselves enlisting the help of local authorities to find their way. Despite this, the doormen’s assistance in managing luggage and car-related matters has been a saving grace for many.

On the topic of parking, it’s evident that this hotel faces a two-fold challenge: no private parking and the complexities of driving in Madrid. The city’s bustling streets and intricate traffic patterns are well-known to those who have experienced them, and the absence of a seamless parking solution only adds to the overall inconvenience.

Once you’re able to navigate the logistics, the hotel itself offers an interesting layout. The reception, located on the 9th floor, provides direct access to the restaurant, terraces, salons, and rooftop. This setup might be unconventional but it creates a distinctive atmosphere. The staff’s willingness to assist is evident, although it’s important to note that the establishment may appear quite empty due to low customer numbers.

In terms of dining, the Hotel Montera Madrid does meet the 5-star standards with an on-site restaurant offering food and cocktails AND a rooftop bar with a fantastic view over Madrid. However, some guests have found the cuisine to be adequate but not quite reaching the level of excellence found in other high-end hotels such as the Alfonso XIII. While the food quality is respectable, it might not be the highlight of your stay.

On a more positive note, the rooms themselves have garnered favorable comments. The modern and stylish design provides a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere for guests to relax in. A notable addition to the room amenities is the provision of reusable flasks and water fountains on each floor. The concept of reusable flasks is a thoughtful touch, especially for environmentally-conscious travelers, though guests should be aware that purchasing a flask incurs a charge. Alternatively, used flasks are sanitized for the next occupants.

Ultimately, the central location of the Hotel Montera Madrid is a key selling point. Guests have the convenience of exploring the city’s attractions on foot or via ride-sharing services like Uber. However, the consensus is clear: driving a car in the city center isn’t for the faint of heart, and avoiding car usage altogether is recommended.

In conclusion, the Hotel Montera Madrid, Curio Collection by Hilton, presents a mix of positives and challenges. While the establishment is still finding its stride and certain operational aspects need refinement, its central location, modern room design, and overall 5-star offerings make it a contender for those seeking an urban experience in the heart of Madrid. Just be prepared to navigate the intricacies of parking and city driving, and remember that your dining experiences might not reach the pinnacle of gastronomic excellence.

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