Chapter 30 What yearly tests are telling us?

As mentioned in the previous chapter it is now four years I have been transplanted… Previous visits were positive and I did not hear back from the various tests I had… At least it means that there is no emergency issues that I have to deal with but this does not mean that I am all ok.

Since last visit I must say that my overall wellness feeling has increased and going to the physiotherapist twice a week helps tremendously to get my legs back to shape and decrease the pain drastically and my muscles are coming back. It is really important that it all comes back together as I spend more and more time abroad and start needing all my “juice” again to perform and have fun!

I am just back from Dubai where I participated to the 2014 PMI congress and met some of you and other really interesting people from both personal and professional perspective. These events are always positive ways of networking and sharing in a well organised context.

You may not realise but it took me three days to start writing about my latest appointment in hospital. I received the results of my yearly tests and fortunately all looks good… Good news!

BUT, as you can imagine if it took me three days to mature my thoughts that also means that the overall message I received was a mixed bag of news…
Indeed I also heard that I may have a resurrection of my GVH and this would be the reason I still have so much pain with my legs. Physiotherapy is still a good thing to do but I had to go to my dermatologist to do a biopsy and check whether my issues are generated by the GVH.
The real bad news for me came from the the treatment they would like me to undertake: photopheresis.
I still need to swallow that one and look for options if this materialises… Next appointment is June 10th and will know more by then! I keep my fingers crossed…

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