Chapter 31 Interesting moments…

Had yesterday my appointment with the haematologists and the great news are that my blood test is really good… No issues and the latest from the yearly check-up are also good!

Of course as we know now, there is always a flip side and in this case, as mentioned in chapter 30, my legs are suffering and I now have to make a choice to get rid of that GVHD thing!
Basically I can chose from photopheresis as explained in the previous chapter I.e. 9 months of treatments taking me 2 half days every other week but no side effects or a pill everyday for 9 months but cramps and swollen eyes!
I have till mid-July to make that call and not easy to do! I still think we go in the right direction and improving… Looks like my issues are getting smaller and smaller but I am careful and do my best to manage my health as much as possible…

Next post should be around mid-July but if you know someone who did photopheresis, please share the experience with me…

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