Chapter 32 Guess what!

If you remember due to my GVHD the haematologists asked me to make a call between photophoresis and a medic to try to get rid of this. The main two issues I have being oedematous legs and dry eyes…
Having visited the doctors 2 days ago, it appears that all that is going much better I.e. no need to do any of these and just keep it as is.

I can share that going out of the hospital was a fantastic release as it was a real dilemma for me to make that decision and lead me to sleepless nights! So let’s keep fingers crossed that we can keep it that way under control. My next challenge is to remove the pack I have under my skin and makes me think of cancer every single morning… I just have to go for a 10 minutes surgery to get it off my body and that would be a new step to normal life but it is psychologically a bit more complex in my mind as I need to convince myself I am ready to go back on the table…

Just received the notification that a Malaysian aircraft crashed in East Ukraine with 295 people on board. For all who are reading this please have the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers. I used to use that flight coming back home or for business… I feel really sad today, sorry but hard to remain on a upbeat mindset when you read such news that hits me from so close.

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