Chapter 33 Still on the right track

All ok and green lights coming from my latest check-up… That was good to hear even if I was on antibiotics the lest 4 weeks due to a laryngitis that hit me twice!

Despite the fact that I still feel a bit tired, for use mainly due to the antibiotics, my legs are getting better and the GVHD effects are decreasing over time… I truly do hope it will keep going that way so that these effects are leaving me alone for good.

My next step now is next week… I have a small surgery to remove my portacad I.e. the probe used artery access. That will be great not to see this anymore when I shower or shave… Hope that one will be quick and successful. As usual please get your fingers crossed for me… That will help me to feel supported because even small surgery is no usual or minor thing and there is always a risk!

Having said that, I feel really blessed that I can still be the to have these thoughts and get that feeling that I can see the end of the tunnel and get back to a normal life. I had two weeks ago a home made beef tartare, the first one since 2009, it was a real delight. I am not sure I’ll get one in a restaurant soon but it was for me a significant step forward… Those steps are needed to feel gradually better and assess positively the situation and how to get the best out of it. I know it will never be the same again but future is promising and there is no reason to get depressed looking backwards…

I should be in position to give you more information end of September after my next check-up et hospital including my surgery.

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