Belgium Embourg La villa des Béguards

I wanted to go and visit Le jardin des Béguards, François Piscitello (1 Michelin star) in Liège as it has a great reputation of quality, level of sophistication, harmony and fine taste. In short what you would expect from such a restaurant.

I never had the opportunity to go there for multiple reasons but heard and read in the press that their “home” had to be refurbished and that it would take months to be done. Fortunately they made the decision to move to Embourg and most importantly stay in Embourg. The goal is indeed to keep a team there and resume work back in the revamped place in Liège.

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I am proud to see that we have such gastronomy in my neighborhood. You will see that I have of course more to share… it is not always needed to run all over the world for great quality experience.

My pics are hopefully clearly showing not only the atmosphere (40ish seats) but mainly the beauty of what is served and (here you will have to believe me) the taste!
My highlights here, a dessert that is a real killer, I would say one of the most exquisite I had the opportunity to eat. I had also lobster ravioli while Isabelle had St Jacques ravioli and both agreed they were simply outstanding!!! Also the wine choice spot on…

Definitely Italy at its best in terms of gastronomy… no doubt I’ll be back there soon!
Of course you will ask about the price. Two comments about this, in line with a 1 Michelin star and no doubt you get for your money.

Before I close this post I also need to highlight the refinement of the service, brilliant without being over the top! Just what it should be… A great experience!

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