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Now we are in post lock-down in NL and guess what was one of the restaurants I went to… yes you are right Tanta Roba and as usual I was not disappointed. It was the right place to say good bye to a colleague I worked with for the last almost 7 years and guess what, it is still great… look at the pics, you can easily compare with the previous related posts.

Still a real pleasure with nice service, fresh and quality food! We are still loving it!

Let’s add some nice pics to update this post as I am so looking forward to going back there!

I keep going there often and I won’t post each time but it was a nice opportunity to put some more pictures here… It is crucial to confirm that after all these years they keep maintaining the quality of the food but also the service…

To be honest, I may also be seen as a regular customer and am totally biased but who cares, check below the entire post and you will see that I remain an aficionado.

This restaurant is just in front of the hotel I go all the time (that will be the subject of another post of course)… A colleague told me in 2011 to try it and what a good experience. So convenient to be located so close to the hotel I spend much time in.

They have no menu available on the table but the waitress will explain you what they are cooking on the day as they only cook fresh of the day items… I have been there so many times since 2011 and indeed different dishes but same high quality and good quality service too…

Fish, beef on the grill, antipasti, salads, risotto, pasta, tiramisu or panna cotta,  as you can see below all passed the test with flying colors! (I have many other pics taken over 5 years but best is for you to test now)

I highly recommend the place if you look for great quality Italian food and a good surprise in your plate! I must admit that I am a regular customer and those guys are fantastic and so flexible but not only with me!

The cuisine is simple but delicious and high standards. The service is really good and enables a great experience that helps when you are on business trip, it is like being back home having dinner in Ristorante Tanta Roba

The quality is great and the ratio quality/price remains unbeatable!
They also allow you to have team dinners and privatize the place if necessary!
Keep it up folks!

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