The UK Oxford Spice Lounge

We did take my in laws to Oxford to visit my son and made the call to go to an Indian restaurant, Spice Lounge was selected based on the Very Good reviews on TripAdvisor. Of course I keep relying on this site to select my places as the community is reliable there.

On the other hand, having lived in Asia and acquainted to Indian food, I was not that impressed… taste was what the plates look like i.e. quite fade.

We were there with five people and had a nice evening… The food was ok but not really exceptional compared to many other Indian restaurants I have visited in the past.

Please do not get me wrong the food was ok but the presentation was not up to specs and the service was so so.

I am not sure I will re-iterate the experience but no worries to go there if you expect no higher than an average culinary experience at an average price with an average service.

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