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Yes, we are back in L’Air de Rien as we wanted to check the new place and also it looks like they have also changed their concept to a classicer one… let’s have a look at the new lay-out and the team excited to experience the concept.

The team

As you can see it is more spacious and we had the luxury to sit alone in one room… great for just the four of us.

But let’s cut the chase and focus a bit on the excellent culinary moment we could enjoy, here is the menu:

zucchini, almond miso
cucumber, tapioca, fish eggs
kohlrabi juice, rosemary
naan, confit veal, tzatziki
broccoli, homemade ketchup
pork trotter croquettes, tarragon
tomatoes, marigold passion fruit, mozzarella di buffala
ceviche, corn, mushrooms
fregola, mussels, peppers
lobster tail, choron sauce
wild duck in 2 preparations:
confit thighs, squash, zucchini
tenderloin, koji, fermented plums
sorrel, dill
plums, yeast ice cream

The food was high quality, no doubt about that. Not one dish to single out from the the menu. From the amuse down to the dessert, one straight line of pleasure from a food experience perspective.

We were driving that evening, so no pairing wines but instead:

This was simply also pairing with the food. Sometimes simplicity pays off!

There is not much missing to get a star I guess… the angle I’d play here would be the service, it would justify the price as the bill is the one of an average 1 star restaurant…
Do not hesitate to get there and enjoy a great moment with friends.

L’Air de Rien is a fantastic place lost in the centre of a little village near Liège in Belgium. One of those rare places where you think there is nothing to see or taste and then you find a real gem. It is definitely comparable to La Menuiserie I explain in a previous post.

We had a fantastic family dinner with my parents.
This is a little charming place in the centre of a small village but the food was superb… they even modified and printed my specific menu (after bone-marrow transplant) and the 15 dishes were exquisite and we all enjoyed.
They did manage to also pair the food with good wines and the service was top notch!!!
I thank the whole team for the hard work and having made all of us happy folks 🙂

Basically you feel like being in the middle of nowhere and in reality you will come in a place where the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful and all is centered on the taste. You can see below that you will get many different tastes in small quantities but believe me, you won’t be hungry when you leave!

I also have to highlight the professionalism and enthusiasm of the sommelier who gives you all needed information and characteristics so that you can enjoy even more your experience.
The overall service is also perfect, nothing to change there, proximity, product knowledge, appropriateness of the behavior, kindness and class all along the 4 hours journey in excellence!

My recommendation is clear, take the full menu with matching wines. Some may find it pricey, I found it worth the experience as it was highly enriching and all based on fresh products from our countryside. Definitely a MUST go if around and else worth a detour!

I am still wondering why that experience is not crowned by 1 Michelin star yet!

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