The Netherlands The Hague Hilton hotel and The Pearl restaurant

Time to refresh this post as i did not come here for almost 4 years as i was living nearby…

I must admit that i have been positively impressed facing folks who recognised me, organised my favourite food (Chicken wings and mushroom soup) and also got ma a nice upgrade to a cool suite!

Really happy I could spend a week there to turn my NL page… Four years and seven months in that beautiful country! I will for sure continue to visit for business, Rotary and private reasons as it was a great assignment!

To be back to the point, do not hesitate and book this hotel!

The Hilton The Hague
is really what I can call my second home! I did spend hundreds of nights since they opened. As you see below, myriad of pictures of the hotel and also the restaurant The Pearl which is in the Hilton… I would also mention the opportunity I used to have workshops and meetings there!

Maybe the best in town and I tried a bunch in The Hague!
Service is perfect and this time I would like to highlight the room service and the executive lounge!
Both are great services you can expect there and so whether you are with family or on business!

Below the pics, some more information 🙂

Now that I am moving in The Hague, my visits will become sporadic… I will not forget all you did to make my life easier
Keep it up guys, you are the best!!!
Service is fantastic, rooms are great and upgrades available for regular customers!

If you spend more time reading my blog the chapters about my leukemia, they always made sure my requirements in terms of diet and higher hygiene have been applied and it is not always the case!

I highly recommend the place if you are in The Hague and look for a central place with high standards.


Let me now refresh the pics as The Pearl restaurant has changed quite a bit and shows a brand new refreshed image!

I have been positively surprise by the new style and the improvements in terms of service speed and this without compromising the quality… Not easy balance to find, as usual WELL DONE folks and keep it up…

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