Chapter 54 Fun ahead

Ok, why such a title would you ask… Lots of changes coming my way and exciting moments ahead of me for 2017! Unfortunately prioritization will also have to take place and 2016 list is not valid anymore.

First and foremost, on the health front:
we agreed with the hematologists that I can now have photopheresis  on monthly basis instead of the fortnightly pace I had for the last 2 years. As it looks like my GVHD (scleroderma) is currently stable we can change the cadence and check whether the disease strikes back. If it doesn’t that would mean changes in my diet and have more variety in my food… We are not there yet but looks like it becomes a valid option and I would really fancy that change!

you have also some other pics on photopheresis and scleroderma in Chapter 52 How is my 3rd life doing?
The flip-side of the health coin is that because of the medics I take because of the GVHD, I did get diabetes… No fun with that one but so far we can contain it with more pills and one injection per week… so no insuline yet and we may avoid it as long as my sugar level keeps decreasing. It is now my new inside fight so help me better manage my glucides :-).

Next big change, my move to The Hague, as some of you know, I did change job January 1st and I am now entering my temporary accommodation this February 6th. As my wife would say the feeling is like when our oldest son moved to Oxford… Preparing some basic food, tools, etc… for me to fill the cupboards. My temp accommodation below:

As you can understand, the plan is for me to move alone first and when my youngest goes to college, my wife will join me. In the mean time, I’ll be back in hometown for the week-ends. This is a fantastic opportunity to face a new challenge and learn even more while working in a highly competitive environment to deliver strategic goals.
It will, hopefully, be another great assignment and a nice ride. I have the luxury to be in a diverse team of great professional and sure we will make a difference… I love that!

Now I will keep my involvement in my Rotary Club as Youth Exchange Officer and also the delivery of a charity dinner-concert for a NPO helping kids with cancer as that one is really close to my heart. By end of June I will re-assess my YEO role as I may have some “conflict of interest” as I will host an exchange student and can’t be a host and YEO at the same time… but this will also help to check whether I can still be that deeply involved in this task (exciting but time consuming).

My involvement as treasurer and administrator of another charity organisation can be done remotely so no issue there for me to keep working this.
Having said that, I do have an A-Team to support me there and all should go well but I guess I need to bring realism in this planning and make sure I can still deliver quality and achieve my commitments

My main disappointment is that unfortunately I will have to drop the new organisation that I wanted to create to help people going for transplant or that have just been transplanted. This one requires time on site and personal involvement with stakeholders and fund raising… So that means out of reach for the time being but may try to get someone to help on site and I would manage remotely :-). Everything is possible with energy, right governance and a good plan!

So this is my new baseline and really looking forward for a great 2017 and beyond! Priorities are now set and ready to go! Thanks to all of you for your support…

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  1. As I recently heard, if a shark does not continue to swim, it drowns. So too, it is important to keep moving and embrace every new opportunity, challenges and all. It does mean that sometimes things will have to be given up but that is the nature of moving forward. NL will show its own set of new areas for contribution and I know you will identify and select some new areas to support. Work and life balance is key while remaining grateful for each new day. As you mention, you have teams that provide a network of support that both encourage you and in turn benefit from your example. I am truly blessed to count you as both a friend and colleague.

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