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Time to refresh this post with some new pictures and new experience… This time we visited with friends but Indian friends and one of them told me that he never goes to Indian restaurants outside of India!

He had to admit that on top of the great atmosphere, even if the service was not high speed as previously mentioned, the food was top notch and he was amazed the meat and poultry were not dry and it was not too spicy as you often see in Indian places.

Hope you enjoyed the video and could assess the quality 😉 and all that for 50 euros per person which is really reasonable if you consider the quality and quantity!

Still I need to highlight that having a tall blond Dutch waiter speaking Hindi fluently was amazing and totally caught my friends off guard and made us have a great laugh!

I still believe that it is one of the best Indian places in The Hague and now I even have unbiased Indian people confirming it!

Really good Indian food. Great place and the service even if quite slow is accurate and friendly… We always enjoy our evening there and the price is fair for the quality you get.

Not my first time there but first with a party of 3 to relax! Despite the fact the service is relatively slow, the food quality and the matching wine make you forgiving! We enjoyed our evening and was happy to see all liked the experience. Definitely not the cheapest but you get for your money and even more!

There is also free WIFI, do not hesitate to ask for the code.

My Indian colleagues also like to go there which for me shows it is really nice quality and I would always recommend to go there if you want a taste of India in The Hague!

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