The Netherlands Amsterdam Hilton Amsterdam & Bowry restaurant Airport Schiphol

First comment coming to my mind is WOAW and for sure if you have been in the “old one”…  this specific Hilton blew my mind… Clear that Hiltons in Europe have higher standards than in the US but this brand new one is architecturally beautiful but on top of that it is now linked to the terminal i.e. faster connection and no need to use a shuttle anymore…

The pictures below are self-explanatory I think and also show the restaurant where you can find all types of good food and still relax as you can see… The Executive lounge is also worth visiting 🙂

I you have to fly from Schiphol then treat yourself with a night in that one… I know that a bunch of you folks may have made the choice not to go to Hilton at that airport based on the old one…

That hotel was clearly outdated and needed a revamp… What they did there is just magic! Architecturally nice piece, great lounge and direct access to the terminal! Restaurant is also top and service great! great mix to be successful.

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