Chapter 55 Photopheresis new pace first assessment

First of all, as most of you cannot join us May 6th to help the AEC, let me do an announcement:

Dear all,
My Rotary Club helps the AEC (Aide aux Enfants Cancéreux or “Help for Cancerous Children”) organisation, created in 1985 by health professionals in order to stop the spiral of isolation and withdrawal, preserve the richness of human relationships and improve the quality of the environment of children with cancer or AIDS and their families.

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In one click you can donate to the supported organisation (AEC) and make a difference.
You can chose your own amount (a few $, £ or €, no minimum) and all payments are secured

Thank you all for reading, helping and/or sharing!

As described in our previous chapter, is it really fun ahead?

I lost a couple of weeks that I will need to recover soon by being stuck at home with sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis, otitis and tracheitis… so from pharynx up, all red and so grounded!

My latest visit to the hematologist went really well as I may keep my monthly pace for photopheresis as the GVHD is not striking back so far and seems under control (fingers crossed and for sure not crying “early” victory!). That means I can eat shrimps 🙂 as long as it is under my wife’s control to assure freshness!

I have also just been through my yearly checks, same than last year and April 2nd was the 7th anniversary of my transplant… So much achieved since then… Thankful for all that… Enjoy life and health folks, it is only when you lose it that you realize how precious it is.

What is clear is that March has been decisive to get a deal to buy the apartment below. We are signing mid-April and move in by early May so that we can pout some new furniture in. We are happy to have found this place with a convenient location, well maintained and nice relationship with the seller.

This clearly the second step in getting Dutch since I have been registered as a foreigner… this building made me feel like these futuristic buildings e.g. in Minority Report or other Scifi movies or shows:


On top of that I got recognized by my peers and honored by our District Governor with a second Paul Harris Fellow. It is always great to be confirmed you are heading in the right direction and your focused effort are paying off!

But this is not it of course as I had the opportunity in 2017 already to go to Malaysia, had a fantastic Valentine’s week-end, enjoying great food with fantastic friends and a workshop in London i.e. as a colleague told me, I am like a shark, I need to swim to avoid drowning…

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  1. So Serge. A bit of a setback but good progress overall 😀 I love the apartment building as you know what a SciFi fan I am. Congratulations on the second Paul Harris Fellow (who was Paul Harris). Hope to see you soon.

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