France Burgundy Gevrey-Chambertin

As you may have read in a previous post, we like Burgundy… this is another post on this region we do really like and are visiting on a regular basis… you must know us by now and so aware of what we are after when on such a mission… that means not only buy some wine but also enjoy local pleasures!

We started off with La Rotisserie Bistrot Lucien

it was impromptu lunch as we did not book the place and we also were a bit late… Nevertheless they welcomed us with a smile and we really could enjoy a nice lunch with nice wine and fresh dessert… (sorry for the blur selfie! which by the way has nothing to do with the wine…)

Going out from there we visited a cellar that was kind of cool as it is WIP for decades but the price list was not matching our expectations, really pricey tasting hence or re-orientation you will read later by going straight to the wineries…

We also discovered another restaurant in town, Chez Guy, actually, we went there a couple of times as it was good quality and the wine matching perfectly… no need to go three times in a week, with four people we almost tasted the whole menu but worth it!

but the most important point here was that we found a really delicious white wine from Alain Gras domain and we brought a bunch of bottles from there at a really nice price!

Now that we had the white, let’s hunt the red one and I have a favorite, Aloxe Corton so we did find a nice producer where could taste even more and found a nice one that is still maturing in my cellar… Guy-Pierre Jean et Fils you need to try this place…

So as you can see, mission accomplished and for that stay we slept in hotel arts et terroirs nice place for a couple of nights… service ok no more, no less… I only took a couple of pics…

And I won’t forget a nice pizza in the park served by Pizza Vostra and by the way they were nice and we enjoyed it…

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