The UK Around Oxford The food you want to forget or not… Part 2

For sure you did read the 1st part of this  review of some of the restaurants around Oxford and sure I will have the opportunity to do a third one in a while 🙂

Buongiorno E Buenasera

I remember having the idea to go for supper i.e. around 9PM and wanted to check what was available there at that time of the day. I must say I have been positively surprised i could still get a variety of products but the service really was not at its best, no comments of the English proficiency level but hard to get a smile or explain some of the dishes.

Nevertheless what we ate was good quality and no pressure for us to leave whatsoever and we could end our evening late and with good food…


La Croissanterie Café

Ok here we hit another type of experience… met a colleague there for a quick lunch and chat and pffff…. really disappointed. No service, food really? Barely some space for your legs, toilets not to be used and price too high for what you get.

All the best to the guys rating that place high on TripAdvisor but for me, they won’t see me ever again…


Prezzo Bicester

I heard from my son afterwards that this was part of a franchise and I was surprised to hear this… we had a nice evening there and we enjoyed the food and the service! It is of course some basic but at least they master them and so at a reasonable price… Nothing to complain about, nice place, clean, decent food and appropriate service, what else would you ask 🙂

Next time I visit the Bicester Outlet, I’ll be back there!


The White Horse Headington

Been there a couple of times there now and no disappointment even if it is pub food but nice variety, simple but efficient! Not much more to say about this but really straight to the point and hitting the marks for its segment!


Pizzeria Trattoria Mario

This one had been booked by my old son Thomas and between you and I, I was kind of doubtful but I must admit he was right. This place does not look great but inside, it feels like you are in a familial type of joint and service always nice and with a smile… taking care of customers and the food was simple but great… enjoyed the family evening there and for sure they will see our faces again 🙂

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