France St Martin D’Ablois Les 3 Meules et Champagne Didier Ducos

Here you go… our yearly trip to Champagne to fill our stock with high quality champagne from our favorite supplier: Champagne Didier Ducos. They have a wide variety and you will for sure find your happiness, no doubt!

On top of this, they are so nice and always welcoming when we come… best is for sure to have an appointment ;-).

As part of this yearly tradition, we block a quick lunch at L’Auberge du Sourdon, Les Trois Meules where you will get local dishes at a price you can’t imagine (main and dessert for +- 20€) yes really and they have a specific cheaper price during the week…

This is a great first part of the day after 300km a bit of Champagne tasting followed by a nice simple meal before moving to a bit more fancy food experience… 2 one Michelin star restaurant in 2 days! 🙂

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