Belgium Wéris Le Cor de Chasse

As mentioned in my previous post, we planned a gastronomic weekend in Belgian Ardennes with our good friends sharing these activities with us 😉.
So yes we planned a w-e in Wéris at Le Cor de Chasse to enjoy not only the restaurant but also the opportunity to stay overnight.
Now if you remember I left you after our “light bite” in the Wagyu in Durbuy. All of us ready for a nap… what a nice Segway to share the hospitality in a few pictures…

As you can see, really nice rooms with great bathrooms… on the other hand I would not say it is their strongest point… as unfortunately there was no opportunity to get a shower 😩 only a bath, the TV was really small and not well located in the room and no lift so not accessible for disabled people.
But for a quick nap and a short night… it was acceptable and did not damage the overall experience but I know our friends did not spend a nice night while we slept well.

BUT the food was great and definitely worth the 1 Michelin star they proudly show 🥳🙏. Indeed the main part of the weekend was still to come and for sure no disappointment there.
The menu was appealing and even surprising when you locate the restaurant in the southern part of Belgium 🇧🇪.
But let’s check the pics.

At that moment we did not know that our plans for our weekend in Champagne and our extended weekend in Alsace will be cancelled because of the COVID-19 so this may end up one of our 2020 highlight.
In a way it deserves it as we had a quality dinner including a great service and exquisite dishes.
It definitely respects all the 1 Michelin star restaurant criteria and the pairing wines did also the trick as they were perfectly matching and the quantities were also spot on which is remarkable!

So you understand that it was a nice surprise and almost next door for us… oh yes I almost forgot… as we slept there we also had our breakfast there.

Yeah, the breakfast was as good and diverse than the meal we had the day before! So a high 5 for the team there… it was flawless and nice service delivery. Do not hesitate I do recommend if in the region… definitely worth booking!

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