France Bordeaux Le Quatrième Mur

As you know I am interested in Top Chef TV show and we already visited The UK London Helene Darroze and it was time to pay a vist to Philippe Etchebest. As you may imagine we were firstly interested in “La” Table d’Hôtes which is the gastromic restaurant but unfortunately, due to Corona virus, it was full till end of October so we booked La Brasserie instead.

We, of course, had high expectations as the chef is well known and has one Michelin star for his gastronomic place but we also were conscious that we are talking about a Brasserie as well i.e. it has to be quality food but the service, even if efficient, will not be at the same standard than a gastronomic place would provide.

Once you get inside then you will get a better idea of what such a place may look like ;-).

So yes, it looks great, there is enough space to respect the social distancing and the menu looks great:

Yes there is a nice choice and it is reasonably priced! Look at the dishes and you will realise that they are made of fresh ingredients and skilled people.

Everything was simply delicious, to the point and highly tasty! Nothing to complain about there.
Nevertheless, I need to talk about the service that was courteous, smiling and helping but you really pressure that you have to leave after 60 to 90 minutes so that a second service can take place.

So it is a great experience in a nice place at a reasonable price in the center of Bordeaux but would be great if you could enjoy it longer!!! Next time I’ll go downstairs for the gastronomic experience :-).

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