France Pont Scorff Ty Julie La crêpe qui rit

The family that hosted us for a long weekend did highly recommend the place here and of course we took them out there so that we could have a nice Thank You dinner and enjoy great local food.
As you can see here below, the location is a little quiet village and the restaurant even allows you to eat on the terrace when it rains!

We enjoyed our family evening there with a fit for purpose service including smiles behind masks and sense of humour. So all the ducks were in a row for a simply good moment in great company.

Being six people around the table helped to have a nice variety of both salty and sweet crepes and all were fantastic! We all loved it (we all had one of each) and the originality of tastes and designs made the experience even better.
All toppings are fresh and top quality and the cooking was simply perfect.

Do not hesitate going there if you are in the Quimper area as you will be positively surprised and recommend it!

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