Belgium Remouchamps Royal Hotel Restaurant Bonhomme

We had planned to invite a couple of friends home mid-March and that moment, we got hit by the lock-down and we could find this Friday evening to go out and we went to a well-known place in my area but I never visited it.
The place is in the same family since 1768, call that longevity! And we could stay on the terrace till they closed the shop at 1AM…

As you can see it is really classic food and cooking. It is tasty and based on high quality fresh ingredients. This is how they did build their reputation over the years and they may proudly put it forward.
The service was slow due to some logistic problems but they fixed it with a “on the house” bottle of Champagne that we could enjoy till late.

We spent a great moment and good food was there to enable that lovely night in good company!
Would I drive 50 km to go there, not sure but if in the area, do not hesitate and enjoy the experience.

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