Belgium La Gleize Les Doux Ragots

In my new quest of visiting new places as you could see since the re-opening of the restaurants, we decided with a couple of friends to try a new one in our beautiful region.
We were quite amazed when we arrived as what we saw was:

So we thought we were about to eat in a type of fast food place i.e. not at all in connection with their website and menu displayed there. Fortunately when you push the door, the environment changes a bit!

Now you can see that behind the chips and ice cream stands there is a proper restaurant where you can get decent food. Nice garden where we had our first drink and once it got a bit colder, a table was ready for us inside ☺️.

We enjoyed the food… good fresh meal and great company. I can tell you you won’t be hungry when leaving the table!
the service was nice, discrete and efficient, it was a nice experience even if my wife got an allergy coming from the carpaccio (she was the only one taking this dish).

If you are around Aywaille, Spa, Trois-Ponts, worth booking a table.

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