Why hiring Freshers in your company?

This is actually a great question that is globally valid actually. On top of this, you don’t need to be a global company to opt for this model though as they are available everywhere, I mean all countries and all types of business and sizes.

You would indeed try to attract them as they would usually display energy and enthusiasm and eager to learn how your company is working and the types of product you deliver to your customers. They bring energy to your workplace.
They are new and have fresh perspectives. They are always hungry to learn more and want to make some difference. You can definitely make some great work done by them if you know how to direct this energy in the correct way. They don’t hesitate to work more. But, the work given to them should be relevant to what they expect.
These updated skills work in favour of your organization. They will have the latest techniques in hand. Thus, they will help be more in tune with the contemporary demands.

As they usually have little to no previous experience, they don’t bring “bad habits” from outside and it is easier to adapt them to your company’s culture. You can train them as per your need and they will happily accept it. Which in turn, helps the company to grow faster and maintain good working environment in the office.

The downside of course is that the level of knowledge/experience is also lower. It is up to you to manage that risk or balance pros and cons per specific role.
Freshers are those species of employees that can learn new things faster and retain them for longer period of time.
They can be put to work on any technology and with adequate training they can easily grasp that.

Another positive item would of course be the costs as they’d claim lower salaries but again, a balance to find, as the training/mentoring and coaching costs would increase.
They work to gain experience because it’s their first job. They will be less demanding.
They also make sure that they get good feedback. Freshers are looking for experience and knowledge on the field. their only frame of reference is their current company and so are more insecure about making a job change and hence have a lower attrition rate.

Most of the times, large companies would hire Freshers straight from campus or via internships which is helping them to already know or their background or their skills if they already performed some tasks for the company. Most importantly they will bring new ways of approaching tasks or scope management.
This is key for enterprises to inject academic cutting edge ways of working to not only keep the companies aware of the new trends but also enable the implementation of new technologies, ways of managing and so remain or achieve being an employer of choice and being attractive for talented collaborators.
Freshers tend to discuss with their friends often, regarding who got a job and where or what are the tasks that each one of them does. So, they will easily spread a word about your company to a lot many people. It’s a very good way of networking.
The more people know about the organization, the more the profit.

We can conclude that Freshers are meant to be our next generation of leaders. Obviously they are not demonstrating all of the skills we may desire nevertheless no way we can assess they don’t bring added value to the organisation.
I believe that hiring Freshers is a two-way street i.e. the organisation should also learn from them so that both can grow and move towards a learning organisation. It is key that the organisation works on knowing them better and check all skills they may bring to the table and so take the opportunity to give them accountability to share and increase awareness in the teams.
This means bottom line that having Freshers on board will give you an edge on the market and also improve the overall quality of your organisation.

(based on personal experience and blog readings)

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